1 Way, 2 Way and 3 Way Pass Through High Voltage Solutions from Lear Connection Systems

 1 Way, 2 Way and 3 Way Pass Through High Voltage Solutions from Lear Connection Systems

Car manufacturers are offering more and more advanced vehicles, however they expect from their own suppliers simplicity and highly reliable solutions. Lear’s 1 way, 2 way and 3 way Pass Through high voltage solutions are addressing these customer needs.


  • Pass Throughs are bolted connection types used for bringing cables into electrical modules like input from High Voltage Battery to the Inverter Module or from the Module to eMotor/Generator.
  • The pass through cost effective solution is capable for fully electric vehicles as well as hybrid cars offering high performance for harsh environments like demanding vibration profiles, high temperature ranges and current loads up to 350 Amps thank to low contact resistance. They can handle up to 1500V and assure watertightness for high pressure spray conditions. Solid anti-rotation feature and custom design innovative eyelet developed for 95mm2 copper cable cross section make Lear’s solution to best in class.

Features and Benefits

  • Anti-rotation& anti-movement design
  • Single shielded cables for wide application
  • 360° shielded for EMC performance
  • High elastic spring for shielding contact
  • High vibration and operating temperature
  • Multi-layout with strong safe guaranty
  • Easy assembly process for harness maker
  • Strong current carrying capability

Mechanical Performance

  • Mating cycles: 50 times max.
  • Vibration level3 per USCAR-2
  • Fixed to mount panel by bolt

Electrical Performance

  • Rated voltage: 1000V DC
  • Rated current: 70mm² @ 85℃=350A
  • Rated insulate resistance: >200MΩ
  • With stand voltage: 3000V AC

Environmental Performance

  • Sealing class: IP67&IP6K9K(mated)
  • Operating temperature: -40℃ to 125℃
  • Storage temperature: -40℃ to 85℃

Wire Range

  • HV cables: single shielded 25mm² to 70mm²
  • HVIL cables: None


  • USCAR-2&USCAR-37

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